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3 Tips to Market Your Business with Compassion During Tough Times

Have you been scratching your head over how to market your business during a crisis – without appearing opportunistic?
You’re not alone.

Business owners worldwide are struggling with the idea of how to best position their services in light of current events.

Two things, however, are clear.
Many businesses will continue to play a pivotal role and we have seen two particular industries in high demand during these tough times:

  1. Finance Industry
  2. Trades Businesses

Finance industry businesses:

  • Helping individuals understand evolving income and tax implications
  • Helping organisations manage falling sales, cash flow upsets, and supply chain disruptions
  • Helping individuals and organisations access finance
  • Helping individuals and organisations better plan their financial circumstances

Trades businesses:

  • With people spending much more time at home this has put extra pressure on the infrastructure in our homes (air conditioning and heating used during the day, plumbing getting used more often, more power points required for home office etc.)
  • People at home tend to notice things that need fixing and now have time to be at home to meet with tradespeople
  • Many people that had planned to sell and upgrade their home now are thinking that they may stay for longer so they are renovating or maintaining their current home

And plenty of other industries are still in demand.

Uncovering opportunities to help more clients/customers should be part of your business continuity plan.

That said, the best way to market yourself without looking like you’re trying to capitalise on a bad situation is by demonstrating transparencyadaptability, and accountability in a time of wide-spread confusion.

Here’s how:

1. Make Your Message Transparent Clarity in communication has never been more important.

How can you achieve marketing transparency in a time when individuals and organisations are uncertain as to who or what they believe?

  • Revamp your print and digital marketing content to ensure it reflects a customer-needs-first ideology
  • Make it easy for clients to get in touch with you
  • Provide a practical solution to current economic upheaval with up-to-the-minute knowledge and advice

Clients will feel greater respect for you if you make it a point to communicate honestly, empathetically, and with the sense that “we’re all in this together”.

2. Update the Way You Present Yourself Many businesses are tapping the human side of engagement by adapting the way they present their services in response to changing customer needs.

To showcase the unique blend of empathy and expertise your business offers, consider:

  • Expanding online and remote services for clients who might be in isolation or practising social distancing (this might sound hard for tradespeople however you can develop a policy like our long term client PorterVac has – see here)
  • Upgrading your website’s visibility and functionality
  • Increasing your ability to reach out to those in need of advice with the help of digital marketing tools

This is an ideal time to address what could be long overdue for an overhaul within your business. Modernising your professional presentation will help reassure and draw in the clients you’re set up to help.


3. Remind Clients Why They Can Trust You Even as you explore new marketing avenues, don’t lose sight of the enormous value you provide in terms of integrity and stability.

In an unsettled world, clients want more than ever to know that some things don’t change. So make it a point to emphasise that your services always have, and always will.  For example an accountant may state that they:


  • Deliver accurate calculations and reports
  • Provide timely, informed recommendations for better financial decisions
  • Meet security, compliance, and privacy standards well above the norm

Remember: as businesses and individuals continue to look to trusted professionals for support and services during this crisis and beyond, it only makes sense that marketing your firm with compassion should include promoting it as the solid, reliable and trustworthy service it is.

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