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How our Marketing Agency Uses ChatGPT & AI Content Writing

Let’s confront this head-on; ChatGPT has all but broken the internet. It might change by the end of the year, but as we write this (early 2023) anyone and everyone online has been talking, podcasting and tweeting about how AI and ChatGPT are going to change everything; how we work, how schools educate and more importantly to us, as a marketing agency (or me, as a content writer), how obsolete we may soon become!

We wanted to nip concerns (or maybe hopes, from some businesses planning to grow without the help of a marketing agency) like this in the bud.

Yes, AI and ChatGPT in particular, are fantastic tools, but that’s what they are – tools. They’re part of your arsenal, or they should be. They’re not an all-encompassing solution that will be your one-stop shop for building your brand and taking off. Nor are they something to be ignored. Don’t stick your head in the sand and hope content-generating AI will disappear; it’s not going anywhere and nor should it. Let’s embrace it!

Here we’re going to explain how we use AI and tools like ChatGPT in our marketing agency to benefit clients and improve our services. Consider this an ode to AI; how we love it and use it.

Note: When we initially published this post, the latest version of ChatGPT was 3.5, and that’s what we used for the below screenshots and information. Since then, newer versions have been released that our agency has embraced. The pros and cons still remain. We still use AI tools as part of our arsenal and not as a substitute for hard work and experience. 

An illustration of AI over a keyboard

What is ChatGPT / AI?

ChatGPT is, according to their own description:

“…an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) language model. It uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses to text inputs in a conversational manner.”

It’s artificial intelligence that can answer questions and hold conversations. It can write you a poem, or even a short story.

You can ask ChatGPT anything, like, “what is digital marketing?” and it will spit out an answer:

Other AI tools are available, but we’ll just focus on ChatGPT for this introduction since that’s shaking up the marketing world the fastest.

Just take a look at its subscriber numbers:

AI content writing tools provide the ability to essentially ask them to produce anything for you, with varying degrees of successful results. The more specific you can be, the more relevant your results.

Here’s an example of us asking ChatGPT to generate a product description for us:

an example of asking ChatGPT to generate some content for a product description

But, it doesn’t stop at content.

Here are some of the results AI or ChatGPT can supply:

  1. Search result queries (use it as an alternative to Google)
  2. Customer service responses (chat, social, WhatsApp etc)
  3. Integrations with email service providers
  4. Articles and essays
  5. Translations
  6. Statistics
  7. Coding
  8. When connected to plug-ins from external Developers the limitations of its functionality are not yet known – for example below using a plug-in from AIPRM to generate titles and meta descriptions for a selected keyword

How can Marketers use ChatGPT and AI?

We’re proud of the work we do for our clients and strive to provide them with the best strategies, recommendations, support and content available.

Rather than hide from AI tools we started experimenting with them to assess how we could use them as follows:

  • Reduce resources and improve client ROI
  • Take a new approach to research
  • Lateral thinking and brainstorming
  • Generating structure, templates and formats
  • Minimise waste
  • Provide basic to medium code development

As ChatGPT has stolen headlines and attention across the world, our clients have begun to ask about it; can they use it and do we use it? So, we wanted to be transparent as a marketing agency – yes we use it, but only where it improves our clients’ results.

What we don’t use AI and ChatGPT for:

Doing all the work.

Experimenting with ChatGPT (and other AI content writing tools) has been a fantastic process because while this software is incredible and it’s certainly amusing to see what results you can get it to churn out, it has its limitations and we’ll go through those now.

The Current Pros and Cons of ChatGPT:

First, we’ll go through the positives parts – the pros


  • A sophisticated understanding of complex requests – can analyse multiple dimensions of a problem – enjoin different aspects of a problem into a single solution.
  • Good for small coding tasks and scripts, as well as troubleshooting and researching solutions.
  • With access to the internet at large – its language processing combined with the internet’s raw resources and facts make it a powerful tool.

It’s perfect, right? Well, let’s take a minute and explore why actually, it’s not…


  1. It’s limited to data pre 2021
  2. Sometimes it’s wrong – because this answer is very wrong:

    In a recent interview with The Markup, Princeton professor and computer scientist Arvind Narayanan called ChatGPT a “bullshit generator”, saying specifically:

    “It is trying to be persuasive, and it has no way to know for sure whether the statements it makes are true or not…”

  3. Sometimes the content doesn’t make sense or repeats itself like a student with a word count to hit.
  4. Google (and others) are beginning to develop technology that will be able to check if content has been copied and pasted from an AI tool, so that’s something to be aware of (although we’re unsure how successful they will be at this stage).

In all circumstances where we have used an AI tool to generate content, we have still required a skilled content creator to edit the results.

In some cases, the editing process has been more complex and time-consuming than if the content was generated from scratch. And in these circumstances, we have found that an AI tool hasn’t been necessarily beneficial to the task.

On a side note: want another ChatGPT fail? – why not, they’re fun and help some of us feel a bit more relaxed that our jobs are safe…for now.

One of our developers experimented with a connected ChatGPT functionality for WordPress. He asked the chatbot many questions and tested its answers there vs what ChatGPT provided directly and the answers were so different as to render the chatbot pointless and ineffective. And, we’d go far as to say it would be detrimental to the brand to utilise it.

For example, in the below, ChatGPT suggested the user visit Harley-Davidson’s website. The client was not Harley-Davidson, so this information was unhelpful, incorrect, poor UX and sends a user off to a different website – a tick box list for the world’s worst customer service chatbot!

Asking the same question directly into ChatGPT provided a different, correct answer

Despite these glaring issues aside, ChatGPT and AI do have their merits, so, is it worth using AI at all?

Can your agency use it?

3 Tips to Make AI Effective for Your Agency’s Content Creation

We have found ChatGPT beneficial for some clients. But, if you’re going to use AI for your clients, then here are the 3 tips we’d recommend:

  1. Be transparent about AI use. Don’t underestimate the importance of being transparent with clients regarding your use of AI. Some of them may be concerned you’re not using it enough, or on the contrary that you’re overdoing it. An honest conversation about this allowing them to voice their concerns goes a long way.
  2. Human intervention makes it work. Figuring out the best way to use AI is really important to get the best results possible. Take whatever the tool creates and give it a quick edit. To really get the most out of AI, have a human involved in the process providing structure and input throughout.
  3. Find a partner. The current economy makes the use of AI very valuable. It’s not a time when many people are able or willing to hire an entire writing team for content creation. You can instead find a partner (such as Business Assist) and leverage AI to create a lot more with less.

Is it ethical to use ChatGPT or AI for clients?

Find the balance. As it stands right now, AI tools can produce a lot of words (and a lot of weaknesses):

  • Factual accuracy. There’s actually no guarantee the content produced by an AI is correct.
  • Sentence structure. A blog post created by AI does not necessarily have a logical structure or make sense at all.
  • Weakened SEO. Google knows AI-generated created content versus human-written content

It is tempting for agencies to look at AI as a way to produce content at a much lower cost. However, with these weaknesses, the best alternative is a hybrid approach. Take content created by AI and improve it with human editing.

We shouldn’t view AI as a service or a finished product. It can do great work in saving writers from a blank page. With the right prompt, AI is great at generating ideas and continuing thoughts. As long as the writer is there to review and (probably) make significant edits, it can be really effective.

Clients look at agencies as the experts to tell them if they should be using AI or not. The key is transparency. No one should be using AI to save money and hide it from the client.

Will we lose our clients to ChatGPT?

So, should we be worried that our clients will reallocate their budgets away from marketing now they have an AI to do it all for them?

Absolutely not. In fact, we welcome clients experimenting with it, or asking us how we use it.

Some small businesses might opt to use ChatGPT in place of an agency for content creation.

But the business may lack the specific creative expertise that comes with placing it within an overall strategic marketing strategy. They might not be aware the information they’re relying on is incorrect, outdated or poorly written.

From the examples we have provided above, you can see it would be risky for any business to rely on ChatGPT without careful monitoring of the results.

That is what digital marketing agencies are hired for, and any business keen to see serious, long-term growth won’t solely rely on ChatGPT in 2023.

We expect ChatGPT (and other AIs) will enhance digital marketing strategies in 2023, rather than usurp them. Whilst ChatGPT can create content that works, it will always need to be supervised and checked by a skilled expert before landing in the hands of clients.

So, don’t forget – Not all AI content is equal.  How you plan to use it determines how efficient it proves to be for your agency and the results it achieves for your clients.

If you’d like more help understanding digital marketing and how we can help your business grow using AI get in touch.

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Niki Patterson

Business Assist help us with the growth of our business, which is what every business wants, and also it really feels like everyone on the team understands and knows your business well. It’s not just one person, everyone is somehow involved and I appreciate that. Thank you so much for all your hard work in fixing our campaigns. We are all incredibly appreciative.

Jo McMillan

Business Assist were a pleasure to work with as we developed our new website. They were responsive, considered and always sought to provide us with the best possible product at a competitive price. We are very happy with the website they produced for us and have had a lot of positive comments on it. Business Assist is also great with follow up and ongoing support, should we need it.

Dean Burns

We only launched Rent Busters Perth in November 2018, so it is incredible that Business Assist generated over 500 leads for us in June 2020!  They helped us with our branding, market positioning and have since worked very closely with us on developing new offers, headings and campaigns every month. And most importantly we are signing a record number of deals every month!

Business Assist are more like our business partner than supplier and we heavily rely on their expertise and the results they deliver are extraordinary – I can’t recommend them more highly.

Lisa Bywaters

We’ve been working with Steve and the team at Business Assist since 2010.  With an information dense website it’s vital for us that our visitors find the information they need, when they need it. The BA team understand that people search for information in an organic way, that it’s not a linear process. By using their expertise, we now have a friendly, welcoming website that allows visitors to find the information they need quickly and easily. They were also extremely helpful when we transitioned to our new name and new website – with everything from developing a new website that incorporated consumer and staff feedback, to developing an SEO strategy and Google Ads campaigns that helped us retain our past users and attract new ones. They’re a professional, friendly team that takes the time to get to know the needs of your organisation and your website users.

Tony Raunic

A few years ago Hunt & Hunt Lawyers decided to put more resources into our SEO.  We interviewed a number of contractors who all promised their services would be superior.  We were struck by Steve Foura and his team’s preparedness to invest time in learning about what was distinctive about our business and what we particularly wanted to achieve.

We appointed Business Assist to focus on SEO improvements for aspects of our property team marketing including our compulsory acquisition advisory services.

The results have been outstanding with web-based enquiries growing exponentially and, critically, the right prospective clients contacting us and invariably converting into fee paying clients.

We certainly recommend Business Assist highly for any professional services business looking to better leverage its internet presence.

Ultimately, Hunt & Hunt asked Business Assist to develop a new website for our national legal group and we are very pleased with the results.

We continue to work with Business Assist today across various teams as we derive great value from Steve’s practical layman’s advice on SEO.  Business Assist also understand our business and genuinely seem to go the extra mile to add value.

Robert Thorpe

It felt that our previous digital agency was not very engaged with our business – there was a real disconnect.  With Business Assist we feel like we’re talking to the people who are actually implementing the campaign, or at least have a very good understanding of it.  We believe this is one of the main  reasons we saw results happen straightaway – increased new customer inquiries from Australia and overseas. But the other thing we get is great advice from Business Assist about things we can and can’t do from a Digital Marketing perspective. We trust really these guys. The other thing we’re getting is the changes we’re asking to make or services we’re changing, it happens really fast – there’s nothing like a 2 week period of waiting.

Amanda Greer

We’re a small business but we try and behave like a bigger company and Business Assist help us lift that bar. They have helped us get ahead of our competitors. We have a strategy meeting soon where we will develop a 5 year plan and we look forward to Business Assist’s input and planning what we should be working with them on for the next 5 years.  Business Assist have a  really good personable team and they tailor to us – we really like the flexibility. We’re very strategic in what we do and Business Assist helps us enhance our competitive advantage by reacting to opportunities quickly. Our position, interests and needs are well aligned.

Dave Porter

Business Assist are responsible for our new leads coming in. Increasingly, we are becoming more and more reliant on digital marketing as the other avenues are either too expensive or deliver little or no return. So we are extremely reliant on Business Assist.  And they have delivered for us for many years and continue to do so in 2020 where we keep having all-time record revenue weeks! We also really appreciate the team at Business Assist and I’ve always enjoyed working with a company that we feel as though they are really part of our team. We have a very healthy working relationship.

Karl Zimmerman

Since hiring Business Assist to take over our in-house Digital Marketing management, our Google Adwords spend has gone down by 75-80% and our traffic has increased by over 150%. To see such a massive drop in spend and yet an increase in traffic has to be one of the biggest and most impressive things I have ever seen.

Also, compared to what we were getting before, we see Business Assist basically as a free investment with the high returns and the increase in traffic we are getting. Not only that, each time we face any problems, the team gives us much valued solutions, not just ‘yes, we can fix that’ but also different options to choose from.

Business Assist gave us the ability to trust them with our money compared to the other 3-4 companies we had before them. We now can see where our money is going and the returns for it. They also take the time to explain details to us and make sure we are given regular updates. As we grow as a business, we see us growing with Business Assist.

Brayden Cameron

We have been using the Business Assist team since 2013. Coming from a trade background in Roofing & Roofing maintenance and jumping into Digital for all that is involved is a daunting task. We know everything worth knowing about our own trade and Digital is such an unknown area. In turn we were so hesitant because we felt like we were getting ripped off from previous attempts with other agencies and any requests for information or advice would have an extra charge or a feel like such an up-sell. Upon working with the Business Assist team we have COMPLETE clarity around the following:

  • Cost Vs Conversion (analytics)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Our target market and how to attract them
  • Brand Strategy Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO & so much more.

Providing these services should be a given for any Digital company – however we have found that it is not. Providing this whilst maintaining honesty and transparency even educating us along the way, whilst not making us feel like idiots because we didn’t know certain terms throughout the process is the real benefit working with Business Assist. We have meetings every week / fortnight with the team to report on every aspect of the business on a digital front. We feel the Business Assist team is an extension of our 40 + family. I think we are really fortunate we found a company that propelled us to grow from 2 staff to 40+ in 7 years – they know our company as if it was their own!