Supercharge your marketing efforts with an automated, scalable and repeatable marketing automation funnel.

Automate the progression of prospects from browser to converter with Marketing Automation, effectively increasing the number of leads/sales coming into your business whilst simultaneously improving lead quality.

Happy Marketing Automation Clients

How can Marketing Automation help your business?

Key benefits:

We don’t have enough sales people

We don’t get enough value out of our database

Our sales process needs help

We don’t know how to re-engage customers

Our return customer rate is very poor

We struggle to upsell additional products/services

Our Approach

Business Assist is a boutique digital marketing agency that specialises in delivering fully customised digital marketing solutions that focus on delivering a fantastic ROI.

To achieve our mission of delivering a fantastic ROI, we are continually driving up conversion rates.

We create True Partnerships by developing a deep understanding of our client’s industry, business, position and target market. And we have done this for hundreds of businesses.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a systematised process that manages multifunctional campaigns across channels, automatically. In its most basic form, marketing automation uses predefined conditions to automate steps in a marketing process designed to streamline and simplify communications, processes, messaging, and contact CRM information.

The most common use of Marketing Automation is to nurture leads along the sales process with a sequence of emails.

Implementing automation allows organisations to market on multiple channels with multiple messages all whilst automating repetitive tasks to maximise efficiency. Automated messages can be sent out across: email; text; social and web, according to a set of instructions that are customised and tailored to achieve the greatest results.

Results We've Achieved


of targeted keywords in Top 3


of targeted keywords in Top 3


of targeted keywords in Top 3

Specifically What we do

Lead nurturing

Database marketing

Targeting and segmentation

Trigger-based marketing

Email marketing

Lead magnets

Lead routing

Lead scoring

Retention strategies

Automated sales follow up

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Client Case Studies

The Result

Nov 2019 – Oct 2020 vs Nov 2018 – Oct 2019


increase in contact page conversion rates


increase in contact page conversion rates


increase in contact page conversion rates


increase in contact page conversion rates

PorterVac’s Journey Of Growing 500%

By Partnering With Business Assist

PorterVac specialises in Gutter Cleaning throughout Melbourne. They were inspired to pursue Gutter Cleaning as their flagship service through observing a lack of service providers in major Australian cities offering this. PorterVac had reached a pivotal point in the business where they had to expand their marketing efforts to further grow the business.

Play Video

PorterVac Dave Porter

Industry: Trades

Play Video

Norstar by James Sailah

Industry: Recycling

Play Video

Luminary by Marty Drill

Industry: Agency

Play Video

Mark Leonard Plumbing by Mark Leonard

Industry: Trades

Play Video

Adviceline Injury Lawyers by Lisa Aughsteen

Industry: Law

Play Video

PorterVac by Brayden Cameron

Industry: Trades

Marketing Automation FAQs

Allocating extra money into marketing strategies will not always provide the greatest return if it is not the right strategy to solve business problems. A targeted marketing automation strategy could be the right answer.

Whilst sending out regular communications to your database is a great first step, its only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building a relationship with your prospects and customers. Using automation can put your email strategy into overdrive by sending the right information to the right people at the exact right time they need to hear it, as opposed to lumping all contacts into the same category. Your database will always be broken down into people who are not ready, kind of ready and ready to convert and each group needs its own unique type of communication.

This is an advanced technique which allows you to attach a dynamic score to each contact. This score can automatically adjust and trigger subsequent events such as, an SMS to your sales team or an email to customer service. The value here is in being able to tackle an opportunity while its hot, and prevent a negative customer experience from those who are beginning to become disengaged.

A series of strategic emails sent out at varying time frames that can take many forms such as; to educate, to build trust and connection, to offer discounts or cross sell, to re-engage or to boost the customer experience with personalisation.

What is a lead magnet?

How can marketing automation help my sales team?

A reason for someone to exchange their personal details with you. Creating one requires knowledge around; your customers needs, well written content, a form and landing page or popup, a delivery mechanism (this is your email sending tool) and a marketing automation platform to sync contacts with your overarching strategy.

By using an automated process your sales team can communicate with each lead instantly using personalised information, from there as the lead progresses they can lead score them to determine how likely that lead is to convert, once a quote has been sent a quote follow up sequence can be implemented followed by finally a customer retention series using key dates.

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