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Take your business to the next level with our expertise.

Business Assist is a boutique digital marketing agency that specialises in delivering custom designed digital marketing solutions that guarantee results.

As a small team with over 25 years of experience in the field, we have a transparent and pro-active approach in working with each of our clients to ensure their needs and requirements are met every step of the way.

We continually reassess and readjust to match the fast paced and ever changing digital world to give our clients the best return on investment and online growth for their business.

Whether you’re looking for a social media whizz, a top ranking website or just better analysis of who your online customers are, we have you covered, and more.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a fantastic ROI for all our clients using customised digital marketing solutions.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to develop a true “partnership” relationship with our clients. We become intimately involved with the strategic direction of their business and continually adapt our services to their changing goals and objectives.

Our Guarantee

No fixed contracts means that our customers have “freedom to walk” without being “locked into a contract”.

Our Areas of Expertise

Responsive Design
Conversion Optimisation
UX / UI Design

Google Ads
Social Marketing
Local SEO
Blog Management

Digital Campaigns
Traffic Conversion
Keyword Research


We ensure you provide a great user experience to maximise conversions across multiple devices.


Maximise the number and quality of your online leads with Search Engine Optimisation targeted at only the most attractive keywords for your business.

Strategic and action planning is required to ensure you get the best bang for your buck online.

Optimising your website for conversions will deliver more business as well as a better understanding of your customers.

Google Ads is an easily measurable, cost effective and (should be) a highly targeted advertising platform.

We aim to deliver an almost “always on” marketing environment through the development of partner/director profiles and expert status supported by digital campaigns based on feedback from your target market.

A focus on User Experience (UX) will not only result in happier customers, Google is also factoring UX into its ranking algorithm.

An ever increasing number of people are using social to assess the credibility of your business.

Converting web traffic obviously leads to a better ROI however clarifying your benefits and position also ensures your prospects arrive feeling stronger about your brand.

Analytics assist us to identify and measure what is delivering the best return on investment and make objective decisions.

Google provides an opportunity for businesses to have a significant impact online if they are locally based.

Too often we see online marketing campaigns that are fundamentally based on gut feel rather than rigorous keyword research.

WordPress is the most popular platform in the world however it also makes it the most susceptible to hacking. Protect yourself today.

Maintaining a blog (not just rehashing news stories) allows a company to further enhance their expert status in their industry.

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