My Autonomy – Landing Page

MyAutonomy is an NDIS Plan Manager that launched in late 2019 with Business Assist providing a landing page design and development service. We built Google Ads campaigns around NDIS support assistance, and sourcing new clients needing support directly, or their families / carers seeking out service assistance with handling NDIS payments. It was quickly identified that many enquirers were looking for further information so marketing automation was set up to automatically to send them important information and also send subsequent information.

However the main focus of the landing page was to quickly develop a web presence to support the networking efforts of the owner to establish himself as a trusted referral partner to support coordinators and other important service providers in the NDIS system. Business Assist also subsequently built a new website for MyAutonomy to further strengthen the MyAutonomy brand.



  • The initial testing was mainly focused on images that delivered more leads
  • Shorter and longer pages were also tested along with different copy
  • Different target audiences were also focused with audience specific landing pages developed



  • A significant number of referral partners commenced referring to MyAutonomy delivering a high volume of new clients within the first 3 months