PartyHelp – Landing Page

Partyhelp are a venue finding service that help people find the perfect venue for their party.  In late 2018, Partyhelp asked Business Assist to redesign their website.  They also asked Business Assist to develop Google Ads campaigns for Christmas Parties.  Instead of rushing the website build (in time for Christmas party leads), Business Assist developed a targeted landing page. The campaign was so successful that Partyhelp asked Business Assist to develop landing pages for 21st’s, 30th’s and engagement parties.

The landing pages were designed so that only one call to action was the focus “Send Me Venues” and a typical high converting landing page structure was followed:

  1. Headline = The headline of “We’ll find the perfect venue for your party” powerfully communicates with the user as that is exactly the service they want
  2. Sub Headline = “And it’s free” – who doesn’t want a free service?
  3. Image = The main image is of people having a great time at a party. This evokes emotion from the person on the page who wants to have a fun party
  4. Brief copy = Focus of the copy here is to clarify the service and build credibility so just a brief message about the services and the fact that Partyhelp has assisted over 50,000 people
  5. Call to Action = At this point users have had the opportunity to hit the call to action button twice
  6. Further explanation of the product or service = It’s now time to start presenting users with more copy. The users who are interested in the services and have scrolled this far are actually keen to read more copy so we show them copy that highlights the number of venues; the services provided and the fact that the service caters for any size function or budget
  7. Trust Signals = The landing has held the user’s attention and curiosity so it is now important to build trust and the trust signals here are delivered in targeted testimonials related to their specific occasion (ie 21st or 30th etc.)
  8. The enquiry form = The hard work is done so it’s time for the user to fill in the form. There is nothing left on the landing page for them to read and with no navigation they can only leave their details!



  • Google Ads delivered 6,661 visitors and the landing pages converted 722 visitors into leads for a conversion rate of 10.8% (in a 3 month campaign) – way above the expected conversion rate of 4%