Rent Busters Perth – Landing Page

Rent Busters Perth was launched in late 2018 with Business Assist providing a landing page design and development service as well as the development of the branding.  We built a number of landing pages matched to the various Facebook Ads campaigns including different landing pages per target market and different landing pages per call to action.



  • The initial testing was mainly focused on images that delivered more leads. Over 300 different images have tested
  • A wide variety of Facebook Ad objectives were tested against many different landing pages
  • Shorter and longer landing pages were also tested along with different copy
  • Different target audiences were also focused with audience specific landing pages developed



  • A significant number of leads were generated in the first month after the business launched and a conversion rate 9 times higher than the previous website was achieved (a new website was subsequently developed by Business Assist)
  • Staff numbers have had to increase by 350% in the first 15 months since launch
  • In June 2020, over 500 leads were generated at a very low cost per lead (about 1/5th the price of the average industry price per lead)