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What happened to Facebook jobs?

Facebook jobs has disappeared!

image of Facebook jobs dashboard that’s now empty

What happened to Facebook jobs and where did it go?

You’re here because you’ve posted job ads to Facebook before, and you want to do it again – right? Well, bad news – Facebook jobs is gone and here’s what happened.

In this article you’re going to learn:

Why can’t I post a job on Facebook?

You are at your desk (or maybe on your mobile) and you have a job vacancy that you need to fill. Like many small businesses, you’ve turned to Facebook jobs in the past and had some reasonable, or even potentially great success, with a free job post, or a paid ad campaign run on that post.

Now you’re back with your new vacancy and you’re scrambling to find Facebook jobs. You’ve Googled it (‘where do I find jobs on facebook’), gone back through old links or bookmarks you had and can’t find it – just blank pages.

empty Facebook jobs page

Does this sound familiar?

Why can’t you post a job on Facebook anymore? Let’s explore…

Where can I find Facebook jobs?

Back in 2021 (and early 2022), in Australia, you could access Facebook jobs through the Business Centre with a link like this: https://www.facebook.com/yourbusinesspage/manage_jobs

That link no longer works.

You’re left Googling ‘what happened to Facebook jobs’ or ‘where do I find jobs on Facebook’.

Well, unfortunately it’s gone. Facebook jobs is no more. You cannot access previous applications or job adverts.
If you have old campaigns you ran for those adverts you can still access the stats within your Ads Manager account, but editing the posts now looks something like this:

facebook job ad that no longer exists

So, what happened to Facebook jobs, we’ll explain…

What happened to Facebook jobs?

Back in December 2021 Facebook posted that Facebook jobs would cease to exist (outside the US and Canada).

screenshot from Facebook about their jobs section

Unfortunately, this directly affected Australian businesses, as 58% of job seekers will use social media to research an employer and 67% of job seekers prefer scouting for jobs on Facebook (source).

At this stage we don’t know why they have removed Facebook jobs. But we’re certainly sad to see it go.

And what do you do now? Where can you post your job without Facebook?

Let’s take a look…

How to post a job on Facebook without Facebook jobs

There’s no denying it – Facebook job ads were damn handy. While Linkedin is known as THE social network for advertising jobs, it’s always been more B2B and particularly great for targeting employees in white-collar jobs – your Managers, Directors, Account Executives etc.

Facebook jobs was great for flagging your job to more blue-collar industries, trades and services – employees that don’t necessarily have a LinkedIn account, but with 75% of Australians owning a Facebook account, those are stats you can work with.

Here’s what you could post before – some information with a captivating picture and the CTA ‘apply now’.

what facebook job ads looked like with an apply now button
image source

You could even run a paid ad campaign boosting the job ad to demographics interested in applying for jobs in your sector and geographical area and the campaign could target ‘applications’ so Facebook’s algorithm would learn over time and adjust for the highest converting potential audience.

Here is an example of what job ads looked like listed in Ads Manager:

Facebook jobs ad campaigns

We did see some great results for clients. Like this example where the client saw a cost per application of $8.70

This client was able to spend $200 and collect 23 applications. Compare this to a paid ad on a recruitment site where you could spend anywhere from $300 or hire a recruitment agency which could cost thousands of dollars.

The ROI for Facebook job ads, when managed correctly, were great and that’s for paid ads – we can’t even put a figure on the ROI for the free ads you could post and promote within groups, where you could potentially hire an employee without spending a cent.

So, what are your options now?

Can I still post a job on Facebook without Facebook jobs?

Yes, but not in the same way.

A business page can still create a post for a job advert and link to wherever you like, or encourage users to send a message, but this post is no different than a standard post on your business page that may promote one of your latest products or services.

Where before you could post a (free) job listing and run a paid campaign on that listing and collect the applications within a dashboard, you’re now left with only one Facebook option:
Run a standard paid advertising campaign promoting a job.

Your objective can be to receive messages directly through Facebook or send users to a landing page with information about the job.

  • The former would mean the objective is to encourage messages, which will be time consuming for you to reply to.
  • The latter will require you to have a page you can direct users to, most likely with information about the job and a way for them to apply.

Neither are ideal. But they’re what we’ve got left if you want to target a demographic of users on Facebook.

What does it look like when a business promotes a job via the standard listings? Does it work? Read on and find out.

Case study: Our client’s Facebook job ads

Some of our clients, in the services industry, became aware of Facebook jobs closing, but they still wanted to target Facebook users and see if they could gather applications and see a positive ROI from a Facebook ad.

The objective was to reach unique Facebook users and increase clicks on the CTA, where before the objective would have been to generate applications. Hence the CTA has changed from ‘Apply now’ to ‘Contact us’.

As users can no longer track ‘applications’ we are left tracking other KPIs like ‘clicks’ or ‘reach’. While these can be helpful, the Facebook algorithm is no longer searching those looking for a job on Facebook in the required sector and it’s not adjusting the targeting to users similar to those that have submitted applications.

The client ran two ads, one containing a CTA, the other containing all the information on how to apply.

The results for both job ad style were similar.

The feedback from the client has been that the new Facebook job ads are not as lucrative as before the removal of Facebook jobs and it is more time consuming and manual to go through the applicants and communication from applicants.

So, whilst you can still run ads within Facebook to promote jobs, they have not proved as lucrative to those of our clients that have attempted them, when compared to the Facebook jobs functionality.

So, what is the best option for advertising a job on Facebook?

So far, there isn’t an easy answer to that.

There are many Facebook Groups still out there where jobs can be posted, with varying degrees of success. These groups are often niche and monitoring any responses can be time consuming and done through a personal account, instead of a business page.

You can still run adverts for jobs on Facebook, but they do not necessarily target those looking for a new job, nor do they provide a dashboard for you to collate applications and organize applicants.

If you’d like help understanding Facebook, running campaigns and optimising your existing account, including running job ads to Facebook users, we can help.


What happened to Facebook jobs?

Back in December 2021 Facebook announced they were closing Facebook jobs for countries outside the US and Canada

Can I still post a job on Facebook without Facebook jobs?

Yes, but not through Facebook jobs. It’s more manual and there is no dashboard for collecting applications. You can run a paid ad for a job but it will not link to a Facebook job posting.

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